Our process & Materials

The scale and composition of each map is carefully considered. Once a region has been identified the bathymetric data is sourced and the contours are sketched. This is a meticulous process combining modern surveying techniques and CAD technology with the art of cartography.

The contoured layers are then laser-cut out of plywood sheets. The natural grain of the sustainably sourced wood provides unique features to every piece. Each layer represents between 1-5m of water depth (depending on the region). To form the 3D map the layers are methodically hand-glued together and this is the most time-consuming step which can take 5 hours per map.

Laser cut white acrylic forms the top layer, representing the land, with the intention to keep things simple and focus the eye on the ocean and its intricacies.

A natural hardwood white frame with protective plexiglass finishes the map and it is ready to hang. There is the option to have a beautiful handmade wooden box added to your order, making it the perfect gift.